Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wife Becoming a Rider?

Since the weather has been warming my wife has been talking about taking her bicycle to work. She's done it the last few years when the weather has been conducive. Any temps above fifty degrees and she'd leave early for the six mile "commute".

Once or twice she's taken my dad's scooters. She could've used mine but she also knew I had too much attachment to it yet. The kindness of the woman and her understanding is a blessing I cannot relate.

This year she took the bike once. After that she mentioned how early she had to get up just to spend the extra time on the bike getting there. In a round about sort of way she got around to the point without actually saying it. She wanted to take my Vespa.

Take my Vespa?

Annette let me simmer with the idea for a while. Let me get used to it. Logic tells me this ought to be a no brainer but I'm male. You just don't foist that kind of request on a guy without letting him come to terms with it.

A woman always has the upper hand. And half of another deck up her sleeve.

After a couple days of her using the scooter to go to work, she passed an ace from out of nowhere.

"You think I should get my own scooter?"

Somewhere deep inside me a caveman was hooting and hollering for joy. Dancing around like the fool he truly is.

"If you think its something you really want, let's see how well you like taking the scooter after a few weeks."

"Hon, if we had to, I don't see any reason we couldn't dip into our savings..."

Captain Caveman is now doing backflips. My head is reeling.

This morning she woke me to ask me one of the most important questions a wife could ask her dimwit lucky as hell somewhat biker husband. From what I can recall I awakened from my slumber to hear these comments in no particular order:

"The weather channel says its supposed to rain. Actually three channels say its supposed to rain but you know how right the weather is. They say most of its going to pass south of us so the chances of it raining here are slim. Should I take the bike? I'll bring my rain gear and I'm not made of suger. I won't melt. So do you think I should take it?"

So its raining lightly and she's got the Vespa. She also has a healthy respect for inclement weather. I know she's be safe, but I'll still worry. She's my best friend ya know.

You think this could be a sign? (wink)