Friday, August 29, 2008

My dad had a scooter accident this afternoon August 29 2008

He was in about the busiest part of town and a gent not paying attention took him out. As my dad explained it the scooter was hit, my dad went airborn and came back down sort of on the bike, sort of on the road.

Now here's the worst thing. I've told him, I've begged him. Please wear at least some protective gear. His half helmet was under the seat. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He's got a lot of road rash over parts of his body which could have been avoided. Four broken ribs. Air in his lungs. (don't ask me to explain, I thought that was where air was supposed to be) He's got a knot from the bridge of his nose to the middle of his forehead. He's looking at at least four to six weeks healing time and he lives alone.

Here's the kicker. I went to pick up the scooter and the bike runs fine. Not a drop of anything anywhere. Steering was straight, bike actually sounds exactly as it always has. Its a Genuine Buddy import made by PGO out of Taiwan. Considered one of the most durable scooters on the market today. I chose to ride it the eight miles home.

These moments put you into a kind of emotional stillness. Me in full gear with every concievable vent open. Outside temps in the upper seventies. Riding with the flow of traffic. Thinking about my dad. Wondering what's going through his pain med pillowed mind. Will he ride again? Sell the bike? How would I feel if he intended to keep riding no differently than he had today, when the car T-boned him? Sans gear and expecting this not to happen again?

I think the open foot area and leg shield of the scooter probably saved him from a lot more hurt. That his leg wasn't pinned to the side of the bike when the car hit him. Little comfort to the son who preaches wearing reflective protective clothing and full face helmets. Still, what amazes me is the low impact evidence on the panels of the scooter. Only one tab poked free of the other plastic panels on the side that was hit. It almost looked like a push rather than a hit. Yet so much damage to the human upon it.

Seriously, I can't write about this anymore