Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Heartfelt Thank You

More often than not we owe someone else for our good fortune. Sometimes its as large as a hand up in times of need. Other times a profound statement uttered in any given conversation rises up in our thoughts during a time when we're looking for the best answer.

What compels us to move above our current condition is the memory of someone who carved that path before us. Sure, it looks like our own scythe is the the one cutting through the tall grass but if we look more closely we can see that what we're cutting is not as tall as what lies on either side of our goal. The grass may not have been shorn recently but if we really look we can see its been brought down to passable heights before.

Sometimes we remember to acknowlege those who've gone before us. Sometimes we have our own silent ways of respecting those individuals. Other times we simply move forward unconciously taken the less overgrown route through the brush. Looking back we realize someone was here before. Someone broke this trail long ago.

Steve Williams and Gary C. opened this world to me. Dan Bateman has always brought home the need for constant diligence in the ride itself. Others, too many to mention let alone keep track of, helped me believe I could write a cogent ongoing tale of the experience of riding. A group of riders here in the St Cloud area inspired new loose friendships devoted to riding our scooters. My own Friday Nite rides brought people into my world I'd never met before. People enjoying the same two wheeled happiness I have.

This is what I am. A rider. More recently a scooterist because there's something about a scooter unlike any other kind of motorcycle. I'm not alone. Its a new thing for many people. Some who rode motorcycles in the past and found these new machines somehow brought the thrill of the ride back from their memories. Like many before me, scooters bring what made me a rider in the first place, full circle.

Yet the experience of riding is a kind of yin and yang. You ride with a group but you ride alone.

Individualism. But is it really?

I'm grateful to you who write. Who inspired me to write.

I know, I get a bit philosophical compared to some motorcycle and scooter blogs. My writing style and thoughts are not everyone's cup of tea. But its something of an anchor to write when I can't take the ride. And I wouldn't enjoy this heretofore undiscovered venue of the experience of being a rider without all of you who've come before me.

For that I owe you the gratitude of thanks.

Let's ride...