Friday, April 20, 2012

Group Rides for St Cloud Area Riders

I put up a forum not too long ago. (You'll find it if you look just to the left)  I don't know what this will eventually become, but I wanted to have a site where local scooterists could find each other.  Seems like every day it's above forty five degrees I will see at least one scooterist out riding.  Whether it's in town or on a country lane.  And I always wonder, would this person be interested in finding other scooterists if they could?  Would they be interested in group rides with like minded people?

Rides on Wednesdays (6:30pm) and Sundays (6-ish?)

When and where can be changed if people prefer other times but for now we'll be riding from different start locations but try to make the start times the same.  Provide some variety. 

Distances will be sugggested by me, but aren't set in stone.  Neither are routes.  If people who come out for the rides choose a different route or distance, we'll do it.  Or if ideas come up on the forum we can talk about them and see if we want to change plans.  Or, we can set up new ideas for future rides too.

One thing and I'm sticking to this:  Riders without motorcycle endorsments will not be allowed to ride with the group.  At least initially.  (we'll review this policy now and then given circumstances) We definitely encourage riding with others to gain the skills and confidence, but once a group is more than a pair of riders, those newer to riding or unfamiliar to riding in groups can, just by the nature of inexperience, become.. more dangerous both to themselves and others.