Thursday, March 12, 2009

Record Setting -15 degrees Fahrenheit This Morning

I had to edit the temp because here at the house it was one degree cooler than at the St Cloud airport where the official temps are taken.

The morning news program I listen to while my kids get themselves ready for school noted that St Cloud reached way down and found a new low temp this morning.

Here's the funny thing; yesterday it was warmer but the winds were stronger. This morning actually felt nicer because the winds subsided. Frankly none of it matters because the roughly four inches of snow we recieved two days ago brought out the blasted salt/sand trucks.

So... tomorrow, they're telling us it could reach thirty two degrees. By Saturday we could rise to what someone decided is supposed to be normal temps for this region this time of year. In other words, we should be melting by now.

I have garage fever. Its like cabin fever except you stare out at the iced roads from your open overhead garage door. You try to mentally will melting. You clean your driveway to the point an eleven degree sunny day is enough heat to melt the thinnest films of ice on blacktop.

I'm not starting the Vespa for the sake of hearing it run anymore. The next time there's spark in that engine, that thing's going on the road.

Unfortunately the last time I rode only made my current bout of garage fever worse. Less than a week has passed since that ride. Still, with the drifts and only salt to initiate melting on the roads, its seems like a lifetime ago.

I can name it though...

Garage fever.