Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The other day a member of our riding club had purchased a new scooter. He wanted to put some miles on and get out on the open road. There was a chance of rain. The weather channel ominously told of the potential of heavy rains, large hail and straight line winds. Tom's intent was to show me his new scooter and hopefully miss the bad weather in his less than five minute ride home.

After he hung up I went on line to get a better picture of what was coming in the skies. While the Weather Channel screamed warnings the radar site I use showed the pattern splitting to the north and south right over our town. Once Tom got here I showed him what I saw and we agreed we would clean the bikes and talk a while to see what transpired.

We cleaned the bikes, talked about bikes and spent about an hour just hanging out in my garage. More clouds moved in from the southwest. Black thunderheads, the kind that roll in fast and seem to boil their way across the sky broke a line of trees to the south. Tom thought this was it. There would be no ride.

Again, the clouds split wide soon after they appeared. It was like an invisible wedge blocked them from finding us. Some stormclouds moved north of us, and splitting eastward they stayed well to the south. We went in and check the computer again. It appeared this thunderhead was the last in a strong line of storms. We walked back outside and into the back yard to see to the southwest better.

Blue sky. Behind the roiling lightening sparked darkness was clear sunshiny blue sky. In moments the storm was east and while the deep thunder was clear, it was past us.

The two of us grinned as we donned our gear and started the bikes. In moments we were riding the countryside that begins just outside my neighborhood.

But it gets even better...

After we returned we talked about the ride. We decided that the next day (yesterday) we would ride again when Tom got off work. At about five he was here and we were ready to go.

I wanted to ride the Avon area. Its a small town off the expressway. Surrounded by lakes and quite a bit more hilly than some areas around here it boasts some incredible riding potential for early weekend mornings. I just haven't been able to do it yet.

The sun was hot yesterday. It actually set a record. Upper seventies and bright clear skies. We rode in a general direction and found a back way into the town. Gassing up at the Shell we talked about which way to head out of town. Town being oh, approximately a mile long give or take. Back north we went.

At this point its any one's game and Tom picked some great roads. Long sweeping bends climbing hills through still bare stands of trees. Rivulets and ponds. The sun heating the black fabric of my Corrazo.

There's a term the classic rock stations use when they play a number of songs in succession by a certain band. Getting the lead out. I'd say that's a fair description of what this ride felt like to me.

From Avon to St. Stephen and back home again. We put on roughly fifty miles and it felt so good. Tom said this is only the beginning and I believe him. How could I not? There is so much to explore in the Avon and surrounding area. We have only just begun.

The Roadbum


Combatscoot said...

I would like to know sometime what you think of your Corazzo jacket. I find them interesting.

American Scooterist Blog said...

I really like the jacket. I'm pretty short so the "tab" at the lower back sometimes gets sat upon but the tall still collar really keeps the wind off the throat and chest. These jackets are cordura I believe so they're quite stiff but they break in a bit too. Would I get it again? This is my first such jacket but it seems to be what I was looking for.


Bryce said...

Sounds nice. You actually clean your bikes before a ride? That's hard core.

American Scooterist Blog said...

Haha that was good Bryce hehe. Yeah, somewhere along the line I got in the habit of inviting friends with new bikes over to give the bikes a thorough cleaning. My own cleaning habits started with the seventies bikes that got the initial walkaround to make sure nothing was obviously loose. Somehow it progressed to cleaning this or that before the ride and that's my quirk I guess...
And oh how I wish I had the time to ride the way somma you guys do. As a stay at home dad with four year old twins my time is currently limited. I wouldn't change it for anything.



American Scooterist Blog said...

That didn't sound right. I'd love to be out riding as much as the next guy but what I have is worth giving the riding up for in the short term.
Let's just say I'm grateful for what I have.