Friday, March 09, 2007

Scooterville equals Happiness

My father has a TN'G Venice. He wanted a scooter to occupy his time. As a retired widower he's got lots of it and he'd like to stay active. The scooter was a fun machine but it does a steady forty mph and forty five if you're willing to push it. It lacks some features which make it less the kind of machine he wanted to live with for too much longer. First, the location of the gas cap is in line with the rear rack and Dad likes to carry a few extra things besides what fits under the seat. Second, I've not seen a workable windscreen for the model. Here in central Minnesota the flying insects in your headlight beam can seem of plague proportions in the early morning and evenings. He lives two blocks (the short way) from the banks of the Mississippi. I live about a mile from it. There are days when cars and bikes can be covered with little six legged carcases. A wind screen is almost a necessity around here.

So dad began thinking about faster scooters and wind screens.

Like my dad I'm no giant but he's even shorter than I am. He tried my LX150 and didn't like the height. He needed something with a lower seat height. Apparently this riding bug really took hold of him. Every couple of weeks he would tell me about some motorcycle dealership he'd gone to looking for scooters. Nothing really appealed to him.

I told him I was going to a place in Minneapolis for their winter swap meet. A store dedicated to scooters and accessories. His eyes got big so naturally I invited him along.

Scooterville is near the "U". Its located in what used to be a factory of some kind. Once you're inside the place is big. There are three main rooms chock full of all manner of scooters, jackets, helmets, accessories and literature. A scooterist's mecca.

The week of the swap meet had crowds of people coming and going. Scooterists and soon-to-be scooterists filled the place. You know something is really good when everyone around you is smiling or laughing. There were great old Vespas and Lambrettas for sale. Stellas, The Genuine brand imports that look near identicle to the Vespa PX series. New Kymcos and TGB's.

There was another brand of bike there which has been making quite a splash among scooterists. The Genuine Buddy. Due to a little priveleged information (I won't say whom) came to me that a red Buddy was on its way to America. It turned out to be the color my dad wanted and he put an order for one of the red ones.

Yesterday we had the chance to make it to Scooterville to see the bike. Its beautiful. Dear old dad is completely enamored with it. He got the front and rear chrome racks and a mid sized wind screen. The guys at Scooterville answered all our questions and set the bike up. They even helped us load it into dad's Tacoma. We talked about the fun we were going to have this year.

That whole ride home the smile never left my dad's face.

Thank you Scooterville.

The Roadbum


Bryce said...

That's exciting that he picked it up. I bet he'll be happy riding that for many miles. As for your inside intel on the color selection, I just want to state for the record that you didn't hear it from me.

Someday when I've got gobs of money, I'll have to go to that swap meet.

Scott and Holly said...

I'm glad to hear you got the red Buddy. I'm rather enamored with that scoot myself. My blog (link below) is about my savings jar that I started last week to buy the new Buddy (or used Buddy...depending on misc factors).

Enjoyed your post today.

American Scooterist Blog said...

Bryce, you can stay at my place. There's plenty of room for ya. Just say the word.

Scott and Holly, Its so nice to see people actually saving toward something like the Buddy. Too many people put themselves in debt over the things that are a hobby or not really a necessity. Although being a rider myself I can honestly say once the bug bites its an illness you don't want to cure. It is way too much fun! Thank you for the kind words.

The Roadbum

Combatscoot said...

I like the direction Genuine has gone with the Buddy. I think they are right, the New Small Frame. I tried to get my wife interested in one, but she had already seen and sat-on a Scarabeo 150.