Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where Is This Going?

When the season gave opportunity I rode when I could. When family and home needed to take precedence I put them first. This blog suffered for it. But this little part of my life has to fit into its place. Doesn't mean I'm leaving, but it does mean I prioritize accordingly.

I have been riding. Don't get me wrong. But the rides written about here aren't helped with the beautiful photography that others can add to their blogs. I worked in private labs until I was thirty two and one thing I can tell you is that my camera work will never measure up to what I know is a better image. I write. Its as much a part of me as the music I play. Or the bikes I ride. Or the family I love so dearly.

Which brings me to a question. What direction should this site take over the winter months? I live in central Minnesota. When it snows they pour a mix of salt and sand on the roads. I will no longer ride in that stuff. Too many people in cars drive a little to obliviously even when the roads are iced or sanded over.

So what does a writer do when the subject matter is... drying up, so to speak?

First of all any decent writer knows good writing depends upon creativity. Lots of it. You're also obligated to pour yourself out onto the page and be able to critique your own words objectively. You have to be able to recognize when stuff just reads badly. Then you have to remove it. Nothing any writer ever puts on a page or screen is sacred. Good wordsmiths know the waste paper basket (and delete key) is a friend.

See how many mistakes I've made above?

(hang on, I just deleted two more paragraphs)

So I'm thinking of writing a juicy little story of no real importance other than it might be a nice way to keep this blog rolling and the creative juices flowing. These Minnesota winters can freeze a man's synapses in mid thought if he's not busy thinking of something.

Its got to be about some guy who rides scooters in the upper midwest. Let's call that guy Dave. Maybe Dave has a girlfriend, I haven't decided yet. But Dave rides and he's a bit of an outcast. Dave has issues. They could be his downfall if he's not careful. He's also a little manic. And he's willing to carry a grudge.

Let's see where this goes... shall we?



Steve Williams said...

Even in winter riders don't cease to breathe so there is always the possibility of thought or story albeit one disconnected from the road directly.

And there's always fiction. Or opportunities to practice with the camera.

I do understand though how blogging doesn't always fit in so neatly. For me it has a place in the creative flow but depending on the day that flow might be a near dry streambed.

I will say that I am always sort of thunderstruck at the things you write. They touch a nerve or feeling almost everytime and I always get that gimme more feeling. Spacing them out the way you do is just damn subtle torture...

So I click to the Midwest Scooter Enthusiast everyday with anticipation. I could just subscribe to the page feed but that would take the fun out of it....

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Kano said...

Welcome back! I can understand your pain. I wouldn't ride with that salt on the roads either unless I had a Rat Bike. The added rust would only enhance the appearance of it.

Conchscooter said...

Write about whatever comes to mind and let your mind wander. O move south.

Bill Sommers said...

Do it dude! This will be a cool way to pass the frozen months, and keep your pals coming back for more. Great idea.

Like Steve, I'm pretty much in awe of your writing style. Its always a treat to pop in and find a new post to read slowly and enjoy. You have a gift Harv, keep using it.

Have fun,

irondad said...

My two cents?

Winter's kind of like a camp fire at night. Deeds are done during the day. Stories of such deeds are told at night. Sometimes even embellished. ( gasp )

I can ride all Winter but I know a lot can't. For you it will be a long night by the campfire. Time for stories.

I'm intrigued by the idea of an ongoing fictional story. Many of life's lessons have been passed from elders to youngsters by means of legends. Who says they all have to involve spirits and animals? Why not a guy named Dave on a motorcycle?

You paint vivid pictures with words. Actual pretty photos might distract readers from the real beauty.

A piece of advice?

If the blog becomes a chore then things are out of whack. Your posts should be a means of personal fulfillment and satisfaction for you. You mentioned prioritizing. Blog when it suits its purpose for you, let it lie when it doesn't.

Do it for you and the rest of us will just have to be patient.

Sarch said...

Wow, great advice and comments from all those above me.

Let me just say I'm going to sit back comfortably and watch to see what your creative mind decides to blog....

American Scooterist Blog said...

Steve, you honor me. I write with everything I have and still the mistakes maifest themselves. I'll do my best for the guy whose been my inspiration to take this road in the first place.

Kano, haha Riding is what binds us together, eh? I love to ride as much as I love to think up good reasons to write. The spirit is in the doing, the soul is in the telling.

Conch', I would love to be able to ride in the beauty you live in. Someday I will, too.

Thank you Bill. I sometimes feel like you're a big brother or something. You have this aura of Cool that eminates from you. I'll keep writing.

Thanks Irondad, I will take those words to heart. I learn a great deal from what you have to say. I think on it quite often, I realize. Thanks for taking the time to blog and teach us things we need to know.

Sarch, I will. I'll give you guys the best winter story I can. And I really don't have much idea where it'll go. A good writer has an idea what characters in the story need to do to fulfill a plot but sometimes,as has happened in my work, characters take a life of their own. They come off the page and tell You what you should be writing. Thanks again,