Thursday, April 02, 2009

This post is for the Ziebart and Peters families and friends thereof

Normally this site is for motorcyclists and scooterists. Today I speak to those whose loss was with the Peters and Ziebart families.

Where does one begin? Sunday was a shock to us all. Karl's been a lifelong friend. My earliest memories involve Karl and Bernie. A senseless accident took Karl, little Lukey and Amber's friend. The shock we've endured, the pain we will face is not going to subside anytime soon.

There is no prescribed pattern to how we will all deal with our loss of Karl, Luke and Cara. I won't pretend that we can subdue our feelings with some deeper dedication to prayer or what have you. The fact remains we will mull this over in our minds hundreds if not thousands of times. The emotions which will surface are natural. And Do Not forget that the Almighty designed us with these emotions. Not to deny ourselves what we feel, but to gain glimpses of where we stand, so to speak. To be honest with ourselves.

Scripture tells us to "be angry and sin not". Christ tore the temple apart when he found out what was going on inside the gates. Even so, his response fit the crime.

Why would I write crime? In what way is this a criminal act? In some legal terms it might indeed be a crime scene. Less an accident. From the perspective of the accident itself. The abrupt and misunderstood taking away of our dear loved ones feels like a crime.

But we didn't own our loved ones. What we shared, the moments of our lives together, is ours. Memories of love and friendship, good times and hard. That's what we're really allowed to own.

Seems insignificant doesn't it. Not enough.

You build a life from the soil you're standing on and you nurture the life you're giving your family. No guarantee is set in stone that all this work, here on this rock, will amount to anything we mortals can present to eternity and say Look, Here is my earned key to unlock the Great Gate.

The key we're given is one of mercy. Even in the face of such tremendous loss, where emotions swirl and torment us. Robbing us of rest and peace.

I can't be anything other than honest. This... sucks.


this sucks.

You knew I was thinking it. But I also know that You knew I would be thinking it. Because You made me and them and all of it. How would you not know?

My heart breaks for them. Our hearts are broken, together in a way.

Show us how to be Your hands.

And Your heart.


But it will in the place where faith is the substance of things hoped for.


irondad said...

This is so powerful that, were I to offer any comment, it would only appear as an attempt to trivialize the hurt. Yet, I feel compelled to say I care. All I can offer is my own heart as a vessel for whatever need you may have of it.

Baron's Life said...

I feel your pain

American Scooterist Blog said...

Thank you both.


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