Friday, September 18, 2009

Just Around the Corner

Autumn rides. When you live far enough north that parts of Canada are actually south of you, you begin to cherish these waning days of warmth. You learn to appreciate getting the time to put some tarmac between you and the tires. The forests are changing from their deep green hues to golds, reds and orange. Leaves are beginning to blow free of their hold in the dense cover of summer. A little now, but more each week. Before too long you'll be looking up and seeing the dark bark of hardwood and squirrels scampering to hide food for the winter months.

Have you ever parked by the side of the road just to watch the animals through the trees of a hardwood forest? The kinds of woods that you know were hewn back so the road could be cut through them? Ancient oaks swaying, creaking in the vacuumed silence created by shutting down the bike's engine. The natural world makes all sorts of strange noises.

The air takes on a crispness. Its as though you can smell the change coming. Critters are preparing to hunker down and they're grabbing all the available edible foliage, nuts and tubers they can find.

And you've got to dress for these rides. Not just the safety gear but maybe a sweater, or the thicker gloves. Fog on the visor.

My wife tells me that I somehow manage to radiate both extreme hot and extreme cold upon returning from the colder of these Fall season rides. I dunno, I just feel really great when I get back home.

No matter where you are, there's something about getting the rides in before the bad weather comes to stay. Snow drifts and icy roads, a foreboding memory of last year's winter serves to remind us to take the time while we can.

I've written enough. Time for a ride.



cpa3485 said...

Nature is amazing if you just stop and look. I spent 2 days this week with some 5th graders at a nature center here. Part of it is a preservation of a tallgrass prairie. Part of it is wetlands.
You name it, we saw it. Everything from Canada Geese, spiders, snakes, turtles, egrets and that is just for the animal kingdom. The plants, flowers and trees are changing as well. We had glorious weather and the kids loved it.
I try and ride year round, but can understand you trying to get in some rides before the real cold sets in. Seems like this summer has zipped past me. Just ordered and received some new winter gloves. I could have used them this morning, but left them at home. Won't make the same mistake tomorrow.

American Scooterist Blog said...

Sounds like a great time. Especially with the interest children have seeing the world in a new way around them.

I think if the roads stayed clear I would be more apt to ride through the winter season. But sheets of ice are the limit for me. Once it gets cold here in central Minnesota it stays that way for a long time. Just going as far south as Milwaukee where I grew up, woud give a reprieve of the mid winter chills. Everyone always looked forward to what we called the January thaw.

Thanks cpa3485