Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sometimes Group Rides, Sometimes Just bombing Around

Tonight was a night for a group ride.  I started a forum to encourage local riders to get together for some of the local rides.  But it's not the first time something like this has been done. 

Some years ago there was a group started by a gentleman who had started the idea here in town.  He did a lot of work to build a community out of scooterists.   A lot of effort goes into these sorts of things.  Unfortunately he got rid of his scooter and over time the group began to fragment.  I hope that someday he gets the itch to get another scooter. 

So I can't lay claim to doing something new in terms of starting a scooter riding group.  But I will try to continue the best of what he'd built in the time he rode and created what he had.

The group did Wednesday night rides throughout the riding season.  There were always a few and often quite a few people who showed up at the coffee house by the mall.  He also had a ride for the local food shelf.  We would get donations and canned goods and then ride out on one of the bigger treks of the season.

One year I think we had eleven scooterists ride for the food shelf run.  And many more showed up to give and support us.  He even managed to get us into the local paper!  That was quite a day. 

A friend and fellow scooterist brought the idea back to me enough times that I finally realized it would be the right thing to do.  To see if we could round up the old crew and invite new people to join us.  Technically we began at the end of last year.  Not the best time to start a riding group.  Most people were thinking about winter by the time we got "rolling".

This year's weather gave the impression that spring would start early and get warm fast.  Well it hasn't but we're still riding.  The Wednesday night rides starting at 6:30 and the Sunday even rides starting at 6:00 have commensed.

Cold?  Yes, it has been.  Wet?  Started out that way tonight.  But you know, the cold wasn't that bad and the rain turned into a dissipating drizzle by the time I got to our start locale, which is the McDonalds across from WalMart on highway fifteen.

Tonight we bombed around east of the Mississippi.  Through the back country of Sauk Rapids.  I'll have to check the maps before the next ride in that general direction because most of where we rode was, um, awfully straight.  Although we found a fun little stretch somewhere behind Mayhew lake.  I'll be calling on the maps to give us more interesting roads with some destinations in mind.


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