Wednesday, August 15, 2012

AreYou Satisfied?

It wasn't that long ago (or was it) that 55mph was a national speed limit.  One that's been increasing since before I was a rider.  I can't tell you if this is a good or bad thing.  The few minutes shaved by "allowing" travellers to kick it up a notch really doesn't seem all that advantageous.  Maybe it's just me.

It takes a little disipline to leave early.  To get there before you need to be there.  It even takes a little discipline to just get there on time. 

Now here's the weird thing.  At least to me anyway.

When we had slower vehicles and lower speed limits, we didn't blame the NHTSA.  We just left for the destination earlier.  I'm pretty sure our wanting more powerful cars and two wheelers had nothing to do with getting there on time.  It was always more about style and having the available horsies under the hood or below the tank as insurance you could blast off when you wanted to show off a little. 

Beating someone else seems an inherent characteristic of the human condition.  People are always beating me in my 14 year old Camry.  Even when I'm trying not to be beaten.  So badly.

For a while I was into trying to race cars off the line on my LX.  Well I got taken pretty well a few times so that cured that.  Eleven horsepower.  Eleven

Overall the bike satisfies me.  There are some niggles, like a struggle to get up medium to large hills.  I kind of have to adjust my riding to accomodate what the bike can and can't do.  Sixty mph on the back roads might be the norm for a while yet or it may not. 

For me it would have to be increasing torque.  That would solve much for me.  But can I live with it as it is? 



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