Sunday, January 28, 2007

Midwest Scooter Enthusiast

The Dead of Winter

Dead leaves blown into little huddled piles in the corners of structures. Dormant trees and grass. The wind blows dust down the street in sheets. The days are short and brisk. Most often grey and overcast. When they're bright and sunny it only means to get even colder.

This morning the clear sunny daybreak looked incredible. The thermometer read negative seven degrees. That's cold.

I stood in my garage looking at those machines occupying the third stall. I want so much to be riding. The backs of my hands actually itch from the craving. It crawls up and down my spine when I can't ride for a prolonged period. Even if one of these steeds would start, today's cold would be risking many things.

The dead of winter.

The Dead.

When a rider can't ride, that rider might occupy time reading about riding. That's a good thing. It only goes so far.

Maybe that rider will look for a winter project. Some destitute machine and a space to tinker on it. Better.

These winter months can be depressing when it gets this cold. Dangerously cold. Its the right time to shift gears from being on the machines to something else.

So I'll continue working on that vintage Vespa, the '64 GL and occupy myself with self imposed deadlines for repairing, part location and the weekly smiles of seeing it all slowly come back together. As long as I can have my hands in some project involving riding I'll bet this winter just slips away.

The Roadbum


Bryce said...

A project is always good to keep yourself immersed in what proves to be a seasonal project.

American Scooterist Blog said...

That's a good way to look at it.