Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Midwest Scooter Enthusiast


Since everyone seems to be coming up with new words, I may as well use one I came up with many years ago. I created the word to describe a moment of acceloration as the action influenced by a condition of joy. You're really happy about something so you're cruising at a high rate of speed or you're momentarily uplifted emotionally and pour on the juice to puncuate that feeling of elation. Accelerbratory.

I used to ride the backroads of Wisconsin. No direction in particular, just out for the sheer unadulterated joy of riding my machine. Every now and then I would happen upon an exceptional stretch of road. Something with rises and sharp dips. Twisted and wandering. The kind of road which burrows through hardwood forests long ago broken up into sections by generations of farmesteads. Ribbons that follow the undulating lay of the land instead of cutting through it.

Gradually, unconsciously, my speed increased as I moved through the forests. The happier I became the closer to the tarmac my inboard knee would become. Right to the point where I would realize how fast I was moving by how much I would need to slow to prepare for the next sweeping apex.

Roll the throttle forward hard, slam down a gear and repeat until you reach entrance speed. The rear tire would often hop a little. Hot sticky rubber compound fighting to draw down momentum.

The safest and most fun way to bank a turn is to accelerate hard through it. Now and again that meaty rear skin would skip again, fishtailing as I drew down the rpm's until I brought the rear wheels rate of rotation equal to the speed the motorcycle was going. Once the bike was piloted out the turn (or close enough to being out of the turn haha) I would pull the throttle wide for one last fishtail and put my weight on the bars. Grinning like a kid who stole the last cookie from the cookie jar, I was capping off my latest accelerbratory moment. As I recall, there were a few more that day. (BIG smile)


The Roadbum


Bryce said...

I like the word you coined.

Combatscoot said...

You really know how to convey the feeling of pushing the limits in the curves. Awesome.

Steve Williams said...

I couldn't experience accelerbratory feelings with the LX150. A hint of it might be there in the 15 - 35 mph range but not much.

With the new GTS I have a better idea. Your description of riding along the ribbons of road is vivid. I have to admit that I seldom ride that hard and have assumed a far more leisurely pace that can only be described as wandering without speed....

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

American Scooterist Blog said...

Bryce, Thanks bud. I popped that word into a book I wrote more than a decade ago and the editor told me it didn't fit into the story haha. Oh well.
Combatscoot, I strive to write the best I can to express the experience of riding. As hard as it is to critique one's own work its inspiring to read [from you]that I'm on the right track.
Steve, I'll wager you've already had that smile on your face while rolling on the throttle.



Biker Betty said...

That's a great new word and very appropriate for what you are using it for. I personally don't ride the corners so aggressively, but that's due to my lack of experience. Great Post.
Betty :)